Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nina Ottosson DogCasino Plastic

Brand: Nina Ottosson
Product: DogCasino Plastic
Size: 16.5 inches x 11.5 inches (approximate)
Color: Three different shades of blue
Availability: available

This is my second puzzle toy by Nina Ottosson. The first one I introduced to you was Nina Ottosson DogBrick Plastic. If you missed it, please read the post as well for comparison.

As I did last time, I asked my people to keep the original box so you could all see how it is packaged. This is the box and the puzzle toy is inside. 

The back of the box. The information here is almost identical to the one on DogBrick box, but there is a little more product advertisement on this one. It is because this puzzle is newer in their line of products.

Skill level information: Hard! DogBrick was 'Medium' with two Beagles.

This toy is made of plastic, but it is not hard plastic that can break easily into sharp pieces Instead, it is textured, and, as this picture says, it is 'Tough and hard-wearing'. It is also 'water, dishwasher & slobber-proof'! My people usually wipe it with a damp cloth after I play, then once a while, they wash it thoroughly with dish soap and sponge. This seems to keep the toy pretty clean.

Look, a cat! This toy is meant to be for dogs, but if your cats are smart and like this kind of toys, they can enjoy it as well! Personally, I do not have any cat friends, but I assume they are pretty smart, and they can do a lot more with their paws than us dogs!

What was in the box: the toy, booklet, and a product DVD.

This is how the toy looks like. 

Let's look at the details first. The name of the toy is on the center top part.

And the company name as well as their website URL is on the bottom.

Measurement time! It is about 16.5 inches x 11 inches.

This is how this toy looks without the 'bones' that locks the drawers.

This is a bone shaped lock.

It has 'a leg' of the 'bone lock' is inserted into the hole on the toy to lock the drawers.

There are eight drawers and your people can put your kibbles or treats in each.

This is the hole that the bone shaped lock goes in. 

This is how it looks once the bone shaped lock is inserted properly.

These are the drawers. Not very big or deep, but my half-cup dinner can be evenly distributed nicely in these eight drawers.

As you may have noticed, there are decorations I made. This is because I use my teeth to open these drawers. My people try to teach me to use my front paw, but to me using my mouth is easier.

Picture instructions.

This is the back of the toy.

It has nice non-skid things on the legs.

When you turn over this toy when all drawers are open, it looks like this.

These drawers do not come out. There seems to be a locking mechanism. This makes washing of this toy a little difficult unless you have a large sink, according to my people.

When I played with this toy for the first time, my people did not use the bone shaped locks. I needed to learn how to pull out the drawers first. When I figured that out, my people introduced the locks, and all I had to do was to remove them. I had to decide if I liked to take all the locks first, or remove one lock and open the drawer underneath. Removing all locks first may be efficient, but I decided removing one lock and opening the drawer is more fun, and that is what I do when I play with this toy.

As usual, my video demonstration follows. Notice, I lost track of which bone shaped lock I removed and opened a different drawer. It is ok though: I managed to open all drawers and got all my kibbles!


My people still want me to learn to use my front paws to open the drawers because it seems easier than using my mouth. Well, I will see. Using my mouth for both removing the lock and opening drawers make more sense to me.

Would I recommend this toy? Absolutely! It is fun to lean how things work in this world. I had never opened any drawers, but now I know 'when I pull something, it may open'. Well, you should not try that with any drawers in your household, but in case I needed the skill for something in the future, I know how to do it now.

Thank you for reading the post and watching the video. I hope you enjoyed it!

Love, Saki